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Role reversal 2
Humanized alienized Red! Because I'm never satisfied with my characters until they're weird beyond repair.

She's meant to be protecting him, but it looks more like she's about to take a bite out of his head...

Characters and art belong to me, no copying, stealing, using or abusing! Fanart is welcome, but please ask first!!

Questions, comments and critiques more than welcome!
Role reversal
In which Vondrr is the human, and Red is the alien. I've been a little obsessed with the idea the past few days... turning a monster into a mortal's pretty easy, but vice versa poses quite a challenge!

Vondrr's trying so hard not to scare this fascinating and strange beast away, but she's currently contemplating eating him tbh.
Don't worry tho, he's too bony. ;P

Also, fun fact: Vondrr didn't buy those jeans ripped. And he was listening to 'Beautiful Nightmare' by Skylar Gray on those headphones.
And he's probably about 6'4".
SO TEENY *huggles him*

Characters and art belong to me, no copying, stealing, using or abusing! Fanart is welcome, but please ask first!!

Questions, comments and critiques more than welcome!
Hello, friends!
I've just been to court this week, and am currently moving again for the second time in less than six months. I'm dealing with some mild depression and art block, so I really don't have any art to share this weekend. Sorry 'bout that. Hopefully my life will resume something approximating normal soon!

In the meanwhile, your patience and prayers are always appreciated. Thanks for listening! 
Semi - official face reveal! ;P You know what they say... on the internet, you never know when someone's a cat!

But fur serious, meet my fursona, Whimsi! I hope my bright pelt didn't burn out your eyeballs. (But if it did, chances are, you aren't reading this anyway.)
My eyes change color, sometimes at random, usually depending on my mood, and, rarely, when I want them to! I'm occasionally mistaken for a fox, racoon, or wolf, which drives me ;3

I belong to me! No copycatting, stealing, using or abusing! These claws are sharper than they look.
Fanart is welcome, but please ask first!

Questions, comments, and critiques meowch appreciated!
Tagged by IsagoKage


1) Post these Rules
2) Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3) Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4) Post their names as well as their owners

Tagged OC - Vondrr!

1. Vondrr's an ISFJ personality type.

2. He was cursed at a very young age, and is afraid of touching others because of it.

3. He'd really like to be a vegetarian, but is technically a carnivore and can't survive without meat. He values life greatly... all but his own.

4. He's never sung in his life, but has been enchanted with music since he first heard it; which was when he was about 17 or 18 in human years.

5. He's also fascinated with human hearts, as he doesn't have a pulse himself. He thinks of them as tiny birds ever beating their wings.

6. He dislikes most machinery, but especially electronic devices that put out blue light, like televisions or computers. He can't for the life of him figure out how humans can stare at their phones for so long; the blue light makes his eyes hurt after only a few minutes.

7. His eyes AREN'T purple! (You're colorblind/hallucinating! u@ lol jk.) They're actually clear, and his blood glows purple. When he's feeling any strong emotion - anger, fear, excitement, embarrassment, etc, he glows brighter, to the point of being hard to look at. Conversely, he dims when he's tired or extremely apathetic. He's learned how to control it... sorta. ;)

8.Vondrr can't cross or roll his eyes. 

Questions, comments, or critiques always welcome!

*drumroll please*
Astral-Chan - Arealle!
SnowTightFrostBite - Patches! 
Cinnamon-Cake - Cerise!
Artywolf98 - Chloe!
Gaia-Arts - Gaia!
Sunnyluchs - Peace! (Or Luchsy, you pick!)
Bunnlette - Hollow!
Lighane - Kimmy! (Black Opal)
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